A 3-Module Online Course for Strategy-Focused Association Executives

Qualifies For 3 CAE Credits

You inspire your colleagues and volunteer leaders but who’s inspiring you? Momentum Online Learning Course is designed not only to inspire you, but to share proven, adaptable strategies for creating momentum in your work for your association.

Presented in bite-sized segments, Momentum takes a deep dive into the strategies working for associations today. Join host Mary Byers, CAE, as she explores thought-provoking concepts designed to help you keep your association’s edge.

This three module course features video interviews, valuable resource downloads, case studies, and quizzes. You’ll also gain key insights from what Mary has learned as she’s connected with associations around the world.

Modules include:

  • Questionology™: Harnessing Advanced Inquiry to Drive Strategy
  • Experiment: Permission to Win When Nothing is Certain
  • Leap: Strategies to Accelerate Progress and Make Big Gains

Momentum is designed for convenient consumption and is offered as a self-paced course, accessible anytime, anywhere.

This online course is intended for senior leaders of membership organizations including Executive Directors, but any association professional will benefit from the self-paced course. This course is eligible or 3 CAE credit hours.

BONUS!  In addition to the three online modules, Momentum culminates with Capstone: A live webcast with Mary Byers, CAE.  During this live webcast, course participants will explore additional strategies starters and have an opportunity to ask questions. The webcast – scheduled for Friday, November 16, at Noon Mountain time / 2 PM Eastern time – will run approximately one hour and will be recorded for on-demand access.

MORE BONUS!  To facilitate peer learning, VMAE has created the Momentum book club where participants can discuss key learnings and share “aha!” moments at the conclusion of each online module.  Participants can register for one, two or three book club sessions.  Hosted by The Bridge Club and utilizing their engaging video conferencing platform, these moderated discussions will occur as follows:

  • Questionology™ – Thursday, August 30, Noon Mountain / 2 PM Eastern – register here
  • Experiment – Thursday, September 27, Noon Mountain / 2 PM Eastern – register here
  • Leap – Thursday, October 25, Noon Mountain / 2 PM Eastern – register here

Can’t make the book club calls work in your schedule?  No worries.  The online modules are available 24/7.  And even if you can’t make the Capstone webcast on November 16, no worries there either because it will be recorded for future access.  Momentum is flexible – you set the pace of your learning.

Because VMAE believes in the power of Momentum your registration fee is covered by VMAE!

We are pleased to offer this valuable learning experience as a benefit of your membership. Individuals on your staff who are not members of VMAE can register for Momentum by paying a $275 registration fee – or by joining VMAE and participating at no charge as a member! Take a step forward in your professional development by registering TODAY for Momentum!


Questionology™: Harnessing Advanced Inquiry to Drive Strategy

Challenging assumptions and asking the right questions are two ways to drive business success. In this module you’ll learn:

  • The new questions associations need to ask and how the answers can change your trajectory
  • How small tweaks can create big gains
  • How to create a questioning culture
  • Why both confirming and disconfirming matter
  • What to keep in mind when asking hard questions

Experiment: Permission to Win When Nothing is Certain

Glenn Allen, co-founder of OpenTable, says “Breakthroughs in business don’t follow set formulas. We must continually explore options, test and modify our assumptions based on results and feedback. Then, we can adapt to what we experience and learn.” 

Rigorous experimentation allows an association to lead and adapt consistently while still meeting the day-to-day demands of the organization. In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to set up experiments
  • Why new programs don’t always need (and shouldn’t have) a splashy rollout
  • How to use project teams for simultaneous exploration
  • Promoting experimentation so volunteer leaders come to expect it
  • How pricing and packing experiments are essential to your future
  • How an experiment can lead to a signature program

Leap: Strategies to Accelerate Progress and Make Big Gains

What should you do when you are being outpaced by change? Or when your member market has changed significantly (and your association hasn’t)? Or when your very existence is threatened? In this module you’ll learn:

  • How one of the largest engineering societies in the world used four leaps to survive “The Great Recession”
  • How to harness a 90-day sprint to create move-ahead gains
  • How tackling a member challenge head-on created a leap for one agriculture association
  • The value of data in leapfrogging
  • How taking one step creates momentum

Capstone: A Live Webcast with Mary Byers, CAE

Friday, November 16, Noon Mountain / 2 PM Eastern

During this live webcast, course participants will explore additional strategies starters and have an opportunity to ask questions. The webcast, which will run approximately one hour, will also be recorded for on-demand access.


Mary Byers, CAE

Association Consultant and Leadership Speaker

Mary is a nationally recognized author, speaker, facilitator and consultant.

Mary helps associations remain relevant in an increasingly competitive environment. Through highly interactive programs and carefully choreographed retreats, Mary uses compelling questions and thought-provoking techniques to encourage participation and drive change.

The author of Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations and Road to Relevance: 5 Strategies for Competitive Associations, she’s worked with a wide variety of associations (both individual membership and trade groups) and helps volunteer leaders and staff alike create a viable and sustainable future.

Mary is the founder of Associations Today broadcasts and is a frequent contributor to association publications. 

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