Road to Relevance - Strategy #3: Integrating Programs & Services

Based on their book, Road to Relevance: 5 Strategies for Competitive Associations, and their work with over 1,400 organizations, best selling authors Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers, CAE provide information designed to help you take the conversation about relevance to the next level.

Strategy #3: Integrating Programs & Services

Few associations have a cohesive, well-thought out mix of programs and services that are purposefully integrated and that complement and reinforce each other. Scarce is the association with a menu of products and services that takes advantage of synergy. But lack of synergy means more difficulty in marketing programs and services and less traction when it comes to being the “go to" resource in your industry or profession. This session will help you understand “fit," recognize the value of suites of services, and get ideas regarding what to do with programs that don't fit. This session includes a handout designed to help you figure out “fit" for your programs and services and to identify the “orphans" that don't fit.

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Mary helps associations remain relevant in an increasingly competitive environment. The author of Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations and Road to Relevance: 5 Strategies for Competitive Associations, she’s worked with a wide variety of associations (both individual membership and trade groups) and helps volunteer leaders and staff alike create a viable and sustainable future. Learn more here.